Heaven For Fish - Julia Galloway

Endangered Species Projects

Heaven for Fish

This collection of plates is a garden of clouds, a heaven for fish. I wanted to make an environment for extinct species to live out their days, to not disappear, metaphorically – a place to call home. The cloud plates represent heaven to me, and I wrapped each fish in gold to signify the value of each species.

Recently I have been researching endangered species. I am interested in making something unseen to be seen. For the most part we have little understanding of what species are in peril. Fish are a vulnerable group as they are difficult to see and study. For the most part, the ocean is not under the stewardship of a specific country, so there are few regulations to protect habitats. As of today, there are nineteen species of fish in North America that have gone extinct or become severely endangered since the industrial revolution.

I am interested in displaying pottery in non-traditional ways to help convey ideas embodies in the work. This does not diminish the utility of the objects, rather, it gives the viewer and ultimately the user a different understanding of the pottery. When pottery is on display in a gallery, it is a short flash point in the life of that piece. However, it influences how we understand and experience the work. I hope by arranging the work in this exhibition, the viewer / user can take this idea home with them: a small piece of heaven.