New England: The Endangered Species Project

Endangered Species Projects

New England

Being a life-long maker of pottery, it is how I have come to understand the world, and how I express concerns and reflections of society today. 

For the past three years I have become alarmed by the increase of species listed as endangered in the United States. I think there is great power in education, and in the case of dwindling species, a regional awareness of our environment can be powerful. What can I do about this? Should I quit my job and head out for civil disobedience? Throw myself in the path of those industrial fishing factories? Oy vey. Not very effective or realistic. However, I am a potter and a teacher, and I can make pottery, I can make something unseen, visible.

I grew up in Boston. I bought my first potter’s wheel with my baby-sitting money and had it in my bedroom. I would bring my pots to my high school in a shoe box. This is the first exhibition of the Endangered Species Urns, and what a delight to show this work in my hometown at the Office of the Arts at Harvard Art Gallery. This is an exhibition of 340 urns, one made for each species in New England that are the threatened, endangered, extinct and of special concern. This list of species comes from the Environmental Conservation and the Natural Heritage Programs in New England as well as the United States Fish & Wildlife website.  

Some of the proceeds from the sale of these urns are donated by the artist to a land trust in the general area of the state where the species is having trouble. 

Endangered Species Project

New England

Catalogue from Endangered Species Exhibition at Gallery 224, Ceramics Program at Harvard University. This book includes over eighty images of handmade urns with images of Endangered Species from New England painted on the surface and an essay about each species. This book is both beautiful to look at and educational.

Part of the proceeds from this publication are donated to land trust in New England.